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An Astrologer's Day Notes | Questions and Answers
How did R.K. Narayan portray the life of the Astrologer?
Summary of An Astrologer's Day
Why did Tom Dacre cry and how did the narrator console him in the Chimney Sweeper?
What was Tom Dacre’s dream in The Chimney Sweeper in the Chimney Sweeper?
What was the role of the angel in the Chimney Sweeper?
Comment on William Blake’s description of the exploitation and suffering of children in his poem, The Chimney Sweeper.
What is Alpaloni?
Comment on the theme of the poem, The Chimney Sweeper.
Summary of The Chimney Sweeper
Discuss Gulliver's Travel as a political satire.
Bring out the difficulties faced by Gulliver in the course of his voyages?